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Connection is Key

A New Space! New studio. New client. I am so excited! While setting up for our first in-person meeting I am reminded of what people often think of when being photographed for their high school pictures. My model is supposed to pose. I, the Photographer, hold a black camera to my face and say “great” a lot while my camera makes shutter noises. She poses…. Read more »

The Best Time to Book Your Senior Photos

Every year, my calendar fills up and a few families that are interested in senior portraits miss out because they were too late to book. Don’t miss out on an amazing experience just because you started planning a month behind everyone else. The tricky thing about scheduling your senior portraits is that summer in Maine is super short! Many families wait until midsummer before they… Read more »

3 Things to Look for in a Senior Portrait Photographer

Yearbook photos… it’s one more thing on the To-Do list along with SAT prep and college campus visits. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed at this time of year. Adding in a search for a senior portrait photographer might just be your last straw. Because of the choices available to you, finding a photographer that fits your vision can be hard. Not only are there… Read more »