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Connection is Key

A New Space! New studio. New client. I am so excited! While setting up for our first in-person meeting I am reminded of what people often think of when being photographed for their high school pictures. My model is supposed to pose. I, the Photographer, hold a black camera to my face and say “great” a lot while my camera makes shutter noises. She poses…. Read more »

Senior Portrait Experience: Meet Lizzy

Last summer, I met Lizzy, a Class of 2017 senior. I remember that she was so excited for her portrait session that she hopped out of the make-up chair to get started right away! She was a blast to photograph because she followed my (sometimes silly) prompts to help leave the nerves behind. Lizzy quickly got the hang of it and soon started creating new… Read more »

The Best Time to Book Your Senior Photos

Every year, my calendar fills up and a few families that are interested in senior portraits miss out because they were too late to book. Don’t miss out on an amazing experience just because you started planning a month behind everyone else. The tricky thing about scheduling your senior portraits is that summer in Maine is super short! Many families wait until midsummer before they… Read more »

How to Nail Your Yearbook Photos

You’ve made the commitment. You’ve booked your senior portraits, we’ve met at the pre-shoot consultation, and the photo session is right around the corner. Of course you want your shoot to be perfect, so you’ve prepared everything to make that happen. Outfit? Check. Backup outfit? Check. Makeup? We’ve got that covered. The only thing left is to prepare yourself. Rest assured, the key to stunning and… Read more »

The Pre-Shoot Consult: 5 Reasons Why It’s So Important

I’m asked all the time if the pre-shoot consult is necessary. I get it… beaches are calling your name, you have friends to hang out with and colleges to tour, and your family wants to squeeze in a vacation before your last year of high school. There’s so many “must do” ways to spend your summer. Two hours with a photographer might be at the… Read more »

3 Things to Look for in a Senior Portrait Photographer

Yearbook photos… it’s one more thing on the To-Do list along with SAT prep and college campus visits. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed at this time of year. Adding in a search for a senior portrait photographer might just be your last straw. Because of the choices available to you, finding a photographer that fits your vision can be hard. Not only are there… Read more »