3 Things to Look for in a Senior Portrait Photographer

maine senior portrait photographer

Yearbook photos… it’s one more thing on the To-Do list along with SAT prep and college campus visits. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed at this time of year. Adding in a search for a senior portrait photographer might just be your last straw.

Because of the choices available to you, finding a photographer that fits your vision can be hard. Not only are there lots of different portrait styles — think: inside or outside, creative or traditional, photojournalistic or artistic, etc. — there’s even more photographers to choose from!


Finding the best senior portrait photographer for you shouldn’t be a headache.


With high-tech phone cameras and low-cost DSLRs (those professional cameras you fool around with at Best Buy) widely available, anyone’s photos can look good. But there’s a difference between snapping Instagram-able pictures and knowing the ins-and-outs of photography.

If you want high-quality photos that highlight not just your features but also your personality and signature style, you should consider hiring a professional photographer.

Here’s my 3 tips for meeting your perfect senior portrait photographer:

  1. Do your homework. As groan-worthy as that sounds, this can actually be really fun. Put apps like Instagram and Pinterest to use by checking out different photographers and their styles. You don’t need to zero in on a local photographer right away. The goal is to just look for photos that stand out to you. After a few weeks of “collecting” favorites, you should start to notice that you really love photos with a similar vibe, like casual candid shots in the outdoors.
  2. Professional vs. amateur. It can be tempting to hire an amateur photographer who is cheaper than a professional. Remember, though, that your photo session is about more than just pictures, it’s an experience. A good photographer will stick to your vision and add a unique touch that can only come from a professional.
  3. Stick with experience. If you want your session to be #bestdayever status, find a photographer who specializes in photographing high school seniors. It just isn’t the same as photographing weddings or babies or young families. This kind of a shoot should be easy and fun, and the right photographer will create that atmosphere for you. You also want a photographer who understands the logistics of senior portrait process (your photos will be ready well in advance of your yearbook deadline). Working with a photographer who knows the senior portrait game will make the shoot feel natural, and your confidence will show in your pictures.

Getting your senior pictures taken is about so much more than the pictures. It’s about creating an experience that you’ll remember forever, and not in a “I wish I hadn’t done that” way. You want to remember your photoshoot as a day when you felt totally comfortable and 100% yourself, and you want the photos to reflect those memories, especially since they’ll be used for your graduation announcements or the local newspaper (and, probably more importantly, your profile photo).

TLDR? Look for a professional high school senior photographer who will make your yearbook photo session fun. You’ll end up with beautiful photos AND a memorable experience.